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How older anaerobic digestion plants can be wasting money

Increase efficiency for a better investment

Modern anaerobic digestion plants are more efficient than those of a few years ago and are able to increase the amount of energy produced from crop and food-waste.

Our experienced team of designers and engineers build and upgrade systems to maximise renewable energy production that deliver a unique, small footprint solution that offers a range of benefits, reducing costs while generating valuable biogas.

Investing in plants

The Government has introduced legal and financial incentives for diverting waste away from landfill, so taking advantage of anaerobic technology could even bring financial benefits for your business too.

Businesses can set an example when it comes to waste management and energy use by utilising a technology which uses waste and specially-grown crops to create clean energy.

Make your business greener and helping the country meet its waste disposal and energy consumption targets by investing in anaerobic digestion system.

Contact us now to find out how to improve the efficiency of your anaerobic digestion plants.