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Concrete pouring

Civil and environmental engineering experts

AMZCO Construction has a proven reputation in civil and environmental engineering and with our experience as a main and principal contractor, we offer exemplary operational procedures when it comes to health and safety, environmental management and operational efficiency.

Our construction teams build structures for all types of industry, constructing complete industrial buildings from the groundworks, through steel and concrete construction to the installation and testing of electrical control equipment.

Concrete pours and bulk digging

We have a collective experience across a range of small, medium and large projects in all areas of industry. We work on mass bulk dig exercises, big concrete pours, containment structures and electrical control panels.

Renewable energy and power is a specialised area we also cover with the construction of Anaerobic Digestion Plants that generate energy from waste.

We have an extensive range of high-quality construction equipment as well as specialist tooling to carry out large-scale civil developments efficiently.

Concrete fact 1 –  the world’s largest concrete pour

It took 16 million cubic metres of cement to make the world’s largest dam – The Three Gorges dam in China’s Hubei Province is the largest concrete pour in a single project – but this was no one-off pour. In the 17 years of construction time, almost one million cubic metres of cement per year was needed.

What’s the largest concrete pour you’ve seen or worked with?