Electrical control installation

Neatness with electrical installation – does it matter?

You bet it matters! Neatness with an electrical installation for any sort of use, from domestic to industrial and from control systems to comms equipment, …

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concrete pour

Concrete pouring

Civil and environmental engineering experts AMZCO Construction has a proven reputation in civil and environmental engineering and with our experience as a main and principal …

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brown earth

Do we want a world like this?

Investing in plants The Government has introduced legal and financial incentives for diverting waste away from landfill, so taking advantage of anaerobic technology could even …

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green sapling

How older anaerobic digestion plants can be wasting money

Increase efficiency for a better investment Modern anaerobic digestion plants are more efficient than those of a few years ago and are able to increase …

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Willand Biogas LLP

This 1.3MW CHP, 600KW Biogas Boiler with 1,000 M3 Biomethane to Grid connection with available 2,500 M3 connection to grid. Using heat for pre treatment …

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