Construction specialists 

AMZCO Construction is a specialist in constructing AD plants, and has a wealth of experience in this area – with significant plants builds under its belt and projects ongoing.

Indeed, no other contractor has designed, managed and built as many AD plants in the South West as the AMZCO Construction team.

AD plant construction

AMZCO Construction concentrates almost entirely on the construction and commissioning of AD plant sites. We have an extensive range of construction equipment as well as specialist tooling for AD type projects to carry out the full development of a site.

Our experience extends to:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Build
  • Commissioning

Construction experience

AMZCO Construction is an experienced main and principal contractor, and will work with funders, investors and farmers to look at the potential for AD.

We also keep up to date with new developments in AD, monitoring changes in technologies and chemical processes that are constantly creating more efficient ways to produce biomethane and reduce capital outlay.

Our skills include:

  • Complete, new AD plant builds from scratch
  • Fixing AD plant issues and retrofitting AD plant technologies
  • Expanding existing AD plants and associated requirements – such as buildings, lagoons etc

Civil engineering and construction projects

AMZCO Construction has the experience and capability to take on full construction projects, renovations and enhancements – no matter what the remit. Our experience can support farmers in particular with diversification projects, and building out agricultural and farm buildings as diverse as dairy parlours, abattoirs and biomass housing units.

Our experience in environmental engineering in particular can benefit any commercial construction project, no matter its scale.

Full service

  • Steel framed buildings
  • Concrete and block work construction
  • Pipelines, sewerage and irrigation
  • Lagoons and ponds
  • Silage clamps and feed stores
  • Retaining walls and site levelling
  • Offices and commercial/agricultural buildings

Core skills

  • Civil engineering
  • Earthworks
  • Steel fabrication structures and buildings
  • Full site development
  • Project management
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Environmental engineering
  • Remediation and reclamation
  • Operated plant hire